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Slyne and Hest Bank Community Emergency Plan Online version updated on March 2020
Following the events of "Storm Desmond" in 2015, Lancaster City Council Civil Contingencies Dept. requested that Parish Councils across the District establish Community Emergency Plan groups. This led to a small group of people from the Parish Council and local churches setting up a group to respond in the event of a future community emergency.
The intention is not to take the place of emergency services or agencies but provide support locally if called on to do so by any of the emergency services. The activations and actions are limited to the items listed below.
Residents are advised to make preparations for flooding or other emergencies, particularly if they are in an area of the Parish that is susceptible.
The following telephone numbers and websites are useful in an emergency situation.
Agencies who can help residents in an Emergency

Emergency Services

If you are in immediate danger
Call 999

Electricity Information & Reporting

Call 105
National Telephone Number, who will put through to local operator

Emergency Call Centre

Lancaster City Council 01524 67099
24-hour call center

Emergency Planning Service

Lancashire County Council 08450 530000

Flood Hub

Cross agency
A one stop shop for flood information and resources to support householder, businesses and communities across the North West

Location of Defibrillators

Call 999 for access code
Outside Memorial Hall, Hanging Green Lane, Hest Bank (Available 24 hours a day)
St Luke's Primary School, Shady Lane, Hest Bank (Available in school hours only)
Outside Spar Shop, 160 Coastal Road, Bolton le Sands (Available 24 hours a day)

SwH Community Emergency Plan Agreed Activation Triggers

  • When a Severe Flood Warning is issued by the Environment Agency for the village.
  • When Police, Lancashire County Council, Lancaster City Council, Fire Service or Environment Agency contacts the coordinator to set up a Rest Centre.
  • If there is a significant utilities failure (electricity, water, gas etc) across the village affecting a significant number of properties for an extended period, dependent on time of day and temperature.
  • When a Severe Weather Warning has been issued for forecast conditions likely to affect the SwH community. The group members to discuss the situation and decide whether or not there is a need to act further.
  • When an extended period of hot weather could put vulnerable residents at risk. The group members to discuss the situation and decide whether or not there is a need to act further.

Agreed Actions of the SwH Community Emergency Plan Group
In the event of activation, the group will;

  • Meet to discuss the situation
  • Help police/local authority with door knocking
  • Advise emergency services who might need extra help to leave their home. Seek assistance from local churches and pharmacist, if necessary.
  • Establish rest center in the Memorial Hall or Church Hall if needed and asked to do so by Emergency Services or Council. Supplies held in the SwH Community Emergency Store*. Key Holders are Joanne Leeman, Doreen Brookes and Roland Stretch.

*SwH Community Emergency Store
The Parish Council has purchased some equipment to assist with the establishment of a rest center in one of the community buildings or churches in the parish, if the need arises and if asked to do so by one of the agencies.

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