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Neighbourhood Plan Consultation!

The writing of Neighbourhood Plan has reached a very important stage, as part of the development process the Parish Council has held a mandatory six week consultation of the draft plan. This consultation took place between the 2nd Sept 2019 and end 14th October 2019. PLEASE NOTE THIS CONSULTATION HAS CLOSED AND RESPONSES ARE BEING EVALUATED.

The leaflet below briefly outlines the content of the plan and how you can access the full plan.


You can view the plan details here.


The Plan



Appendix 1: Localism Act and Neighbourhood Planning

Appendix 2: How the Plan was Made

Appendix 3: Evidence

Appendices 4A & 4B: Community Consultations

Appendix 5: Identification and Assessment of Building Land and Method

Appendix 6: Glossary of Terms




The following documents will be available once The Consultation has been reviewed and if required amended.

Basic Conditions Statement

Consultation Statement

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