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Slyne with Hest Parish Council Meeting

AGENDA Monday 21 September 2020

  1. To receive apologies

                The meeting will be adjourned for the 

         Open Forum

               matters raised by City Councillors
               matters raised by County Councillor
               matters raised by members of the public
2.   To receive declarations of Interest

  1.  To approve the minutes of the meeting  held on Monday 20 July 2020 and the emergency meeting

                                                               on Tuesday 4 August 2020

      4.    Progress reports  for information only

      5.    Administration
                                -to consider on-going information from the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
                                      -to re-consider the recognition of help given by people during lockdown
                                      -arrangements for the Annual Remembrance Service on Sunday 8 November

      6.   Financial Matters
                               -to receive and approve the monthly receipts and payments report –attached
                                     -completion of the annual audit 2018/19 -to consider the Auditors report and to
                                      consider the acceptance of the Annual Return*
                                  -to consider and approve the insurance cover for 2020/21
-some information sent, hopefully more to follow
      7.    Open Spaces
                            -to receive updates on work on the recreation field and to consider any immediate work that
                                   needs to be done*
                            -Community Development Group –consultation and development of the recreation field
                                  -to consider any issues arising from the annual Open Spaces inspections
                                  -to consider the tree safety assessment report
                                  -to consider another piece of equipment for Manor Lane play area*
                                  -to further consider concerns about overnight parking on the road to the former VVV & foreshore
                                  -to consider renewing approval for the use of drones on the foreshore
                                  -to consider a policy for memorial benches on Open Spaces
      9.   Planning Applications
            Application received
              20/00437/FUL amendment   25 Hest Bank Lane, Hest Bank, LA2 6DG
              Applications approved
              20/00695/FUL          4 Hatlex Drive, Hest Bank, LA2 6HA
              20/00809/FUL         12 Sea View Drive, Hest Bank, LA2 6BY
              Application refused
              20/00673/FUL        38 Peacock Lane, Hest Bank, LA2 6EP
              20/00728/FUL        30 Bay View Avenue, Slyne, LA2 6JS

    10.   Payment of Accounts

              -to consider for approval the transfer of £2000 from the Deposit Account to the Current Account
              -to consider for approval the payment of the accounts as listed:
              DD         EON                                              38.70   electricity bill –burial ground
Cheque   122330   Envirocare Maintenance Solutions  780.00   grounds maintenance –August
              122331  Viking                                            34.79   printer cartridge
              122332  Mountainstone Forge                       88.50   repair work on rec. field gates
              122333   Glasdon UK Limited                    1216.75   two new seats
              122334   Mrs D Brookes                              878.70   clerk's salary
              122325   Petty cash                                      97.78   sundry items inc. new phone
              122326   Mr S Brade                                   732.14   groundsman's pay +materials
              122327  John Oliver Arboriculture                 550.00   tree survey  
     11.   Matters raised by members for future consideration  

     12.   Date of next meeting
             Monday 19 October 2020
        D Brookes                                                                                                                        
                                                                                 *councillors see attached notes                                                               
                                                                                                                                                                               Mrs D Brookes                                                                                
                                                                                                                                                                               Clerk to the Council