Slyne-with-Hest Bowling Club




The Club, founded in 1978, is located on the Recreation Field on Hanging Green Lane, in Slyne-with-Hest.

The Green is opened mid March and closes in October. During this time we run teams for member's benefits in the Ladies', Lancaster, Morecambe, Vets and Floodlit Leagues. We also run internal competitions among members and offer social bowling sessions on Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons which allows players with a wide range of skills to meet and play together.

Bowls - If you haven't any bowls or wish to try other sizes, you are welcome to borrow a set from the club, but these should not be taken off the premises as others may wish to use them.

"Brew Up" - You can brew up any time. This is tea, coffee and milk provided. Additionally cold drinks and ices are available during the playing season. Prices are displayed and a payment container is on the kitchen work surface.

Friday Night Bowls - This is a friendly evening where we just play bowls amongst our own members. This is a means of getting to know members and for new members to start to learn the game. Starts at 7.00pm prompt. Not held on weekends when Sunday Afternoon games are held. 

Sunday Afternoon Bowls - This is run on the first Sunday afternoon of each month between May and August and follows similar lines to the Friday evenings. First meeting To be arranged.

Keys - If you require a key, these are available from the Treasurer who will require a £4.00 deposit, refundable if the key is returned to the club. The key will open the front roller shutter providing access to the double doors. The rear shutter will be opened during the matches and other events, but both sets of shutters should be secured when leaving the clubhouse.

Books – We have a library of second hand books on shelves at the back of the clubhouse. There is a cash tin on the shelf for payments. This provides additional revenue to the club and additional books are welcomed.

Visitors – If a friend/visitor wishes to have a game, a full member must be responsible for them. The charge is £2.00 per game. There is a locked box for the money, just inside the main door, together with a sheet for the visitor's details.

Registration – If you wish to play in a team you will need to be registered with the Crown Green Bowling Association. Registration is for life, so, if you were registered elsewhere please provide your registration number, or a contact who can supply this. New registration involved a one off payment of £12.00 to the Association. See any captain to arrange this.

Would you like to join our Club, or try the game for the first time? – Please feel free to call at the club or contact the Secretary, Ann Clegg on 01524 811002